New Urbanite

Title: Living in New Town       

Category:  Inspiration, Romance

Producer:    Jiayi Li

Directors:  Yesheng Kuang(Hong Kong of China),Danian Feng    

Screenplay: Jinghui Hong, Jianming Zhang, Zeyuan Liu 

Starring:      Zhaoxiang Wang, Qihua Wu, Xuan Xuan, Chuanyong Shao, Liu Shan, Shangtong Wang

Release date:2012

Production:  Shanghai Xiangzi Media Culture Co.,LTD, SMG


Features of the TV series:

1. Social Hotspot Effect: the drama reflects that when China experiences rapid economic development, how new urbanites make efforts to pursue their dreams in the urbanization process. It is a realistic drama that represents major changes in Shanghai over recent years. As an inspiring and realistic TV drama demonstrating strong realism and romanticism, it is of broadcasting value and public opinion with harmonious livelihood. The topic of New Urbanite cultural phenomenon can arouse a new round of social hotspot.

2. The inspirational emotional resonance among new urbanites: the play is a good drama that describes migrant workers in large citiesnew urbanites are looking for their psychological roots of dreams and emotional pursuits. Every urbanite is the main character since he or she can find their shadow and dream and thereby establish a positive and sunny attitude to life.

3. Natural performance of new urbanites: Hong Kong TVB rising star Xuan Xuan and competent actor, Wu Qihua joined the shooting. Shanghai Actor, Xiangzi, the new urbanite, plays a natural role in the drama. It truly reflects the hard living conditions of new urbanites while demonstrating a strong relaxing atmosphere and distinctive legendary features.

Introduction of story:

It describes that the hero and heroine are young artists from other places. Both of them are determined to come to Shanghai to realize their own dreams. In the process of knowing and integrating the big city, the hero (Xiangzi) has been loving art since he was little. While earning money to support himself, he has to listen to the heart of restlessness. He has tried various jobs in this metropolis, e.g., taxi driver, delivery person, water delivery worker, floor worker and security, etc. He often is one step away from a stable life and realizing his artistic dream. He has kept his simplicity and authenticity. Even if facing hesitation for dream and many incongruities in the process of integrating into the metropolis, he keeps on with an optimistic attitude.

Accidentally,the heroine (Hutao) gets acquaintance with the hero and is moved by Xiangzis artistic dream that he never gave up or abandon. Gradually, they fall in love unconsciously. In the end, they find their own life stage.


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